come to my JOY HOUSE PARTY, It's time to celebrate,
Party, Party, Party come and join my party, there is no time to waste!

Lyrics by Miss Joy to the NEW Joy House "Party, Party, Party" song

The Best Entertainment for the whole family!

A great "New Idea" for your child's next party or to entertain the kids at your next event.......
Dancing, singing, music, games, prizes just happy, positive "family" fUN for EVERYONE!

A great idea for ANY kind of Joy House PARTY........
Birthdays, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, Christenings, Weddings, Graduation, School Functions, School Dances,
School Assemblies, Parent Nights, Auctions, Fundraisers, Family Barbacues,
Summer FUN for Camps, Festivals and all Major and Corporate Events

Recession Special $100 off your Next Joy House Party
any theme for any age available.....
Themes Miss Joy hs done
The Joy House Kids' Disco, The Joy House Princess Dance Party, The Joy House Fairy Party,
The Joy House Popstar/Rockstar PartY, Belly Dancing, Ballerina, Space Party
You choose a Joy House Theme Miss Joy will do it......

For reservations Email JOY at
or call (323)969 2528

"Hi Everyone, Welcome to The Joy House Dance Party or Birthday Party. I'm Miss Joy, your host and friend and I'll entertain the kids and the big kids (adults) at your Joy House party. It can be held the house, school, park, hall, restaurant or at any venue or event. We will do lots of FOLLOW ALONG and SING ALONG JOY HOUSE
DANCE ROUTINES from THE JOY JOY HOUE TV Show, play lots of INTERACTIVE JOY HOUSE GAMES that teach and build self esteem. For the 2 hour party we ad MAKE-UP & DRESS UP. For the bigger girls we can do A FASHION SHOW and PHOTO SHOOT if you want and there are always heaps of PRIZES. Any party is done to JOY HOUSE MUSIC (I never get requests for anything else...that says something) but I do throw in the current songs that the kid's like and each song has a choreographed routin. Each birthday child will receive a copy of THE JOY HOUSE CD or DVD
The kids and adults love it, everybody has fun! It's family fun for everyone!
I hope to see you at the party!"

Miss Joy

Please scroll down for packages and rates..ThankX

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I wanted to let people know that their next party should be The Joy House Dance Party hosted by Miss Joy from The Joy House. My daughter's 2nd birthday party was the best party I have been to EVER. Miss Joy entertained the kids and adults for 2 hours straight. It was funny to see the adults pulling out the dress up outfits. One of my guest is an on air talent and I laughed when I saw her in a Zombie costume. It shows that we all are still big kids and Miss Joy made us all young again for a couple of hours. When my mother jumped in to do the choreography, I knew it was the party was a success. As you can see the adults were having just as much fun as the kids. My daughter danced and had her makeup done. She partied herself out that day. Miss Joy was worth every penny spent that day. I got emails and text messages about how much fun people had before I went to bed that night. Along with playing games Miss Joy also did their makeup, dressed them up and then helped pose them for their photo shoot. I highly recommend her for your next event whether it's a kids party or an adult party. I'm still humming the "Happy Birthday" song ( Miss Joy's version). The smile on my daughter's face was priceless. Those are the moments I cherish. I can't wait to see pictures and video because I'm sure I didn't see everything going on at the party. Thanks again for a great party.

Lots of love,
Lisa and Sum

Enter Birthday Party Ideas

The Joy House Dance Party was featured in VOGUE Japan

PLEASE NOTE Miss Joy can cater to any age group...young and old. At THE JOY HOUSE we can also do the princess, fairy, ballerina, diva Super Model and belly dancing VIBE parties...(As the performer there is no infringement on copyright because MISS JOY is the first of her kind the one and only...She is the REAL DEAL but she is getting VERY book her while you can)
Just let Miss Joy know what you want and what VIBE your child is into and she'll do it. We have the "dress -up" for it ALL.
Even got it for the boys!
We have songs and dances for EVERYONE...and every kind of theme.
Everyone has a GREAT time at THE JOY HOUSE DANCE PARTY!!!
Miss Joy has done parties from 1 - 13 years of age... and gets many requests to do the SAME kind of party for THE ADULTS.

For a bigger kind of event or festival and older kind of crowd. THE JOY HOUSE has access to GREAT DJ's that will spin the grooves while Miss Joy gets the audience, guests or crowd going. This of course is a diferent rate.
If you are interested please let her know and we can discuss it!

Suitable for any event Miss Joy can cater to any theme!

MISS JOY comes to you with a professional boom box playing all the JOY HOUSE DANCE MUSIC music, she will teach all the original follow along dance routines from the Joy House TV Show. Like....The Joy of Dress up, The Joy House Jig, The Hula Song, Lets get AH Ah Ah, The Joy House Birthday Song and our new "single"Let's Go Country plus many, many more "Joy House" routines. Everyone seems to LOVE "The Joy House Songs!" Miss Joy will entertain the kids with lots of "Joy House" games Like..... "Not another one", "Joy House Freeze Dance", "The Shape game", "Musical hearts", "Pin the heart on Joy"
"Scavenger Hunt" & "Let's Dress up Mom and Dad" PLUS she will bring heaps of prizes.
For the 2 hour party (minimum) Miss Joy will bring lots of dress - up and make -up so the kids can put on a fashion show for all the adults and YOU can take photos of every
child to send to parents later.It's the kids disco! The kid's LOVE it! So do the "BIG" kids

1 hour $300
Usually $400 ($100 off)

(Includes follow along dances with Joy,
dancing & "Joy House" games and prizes)

1 hours $350
Usually $450 ($100 off)

(Includes follow along dances,
dancing & lots more "Joy House" games and prizes)

2 hours $400
Usually $500 ($100 off)

(Includes dress - up, make -up,
ALL the follow along dances,
lot and lots of dancing and ALL the "Joy House" games

These rates are for UNLIMITED people

Miss Joy is willing to travel to eg Orange County, Long Beach, Costa mesa, Ventura etc
but please ad an additional $50.00 to the above rates for teavel time

But YES she CAN do it!!!

Miss Joy can stay and keep kids BUSY and ENTERTAINED for as long as you like....
every extra 1/2 hour is $100 each!

ALL Birthday kid's get a Joy House CD or DVD

CALL TODAY and get $100 off ALL PACKAGES
Birhday Party Ideas
and read the cover story on
The Joy House birthday Parties.

The Kids dress their Mommy's and Daddy's up!
Get on stage and strike a pose eveyone!

Enter Birthday Party Ideas

*****BOOKINGS for MISS JOY as an entertainer*****
Miss Joy is available for LIVE EVENTS too. She'll entertain at any Public Event or Festival.
Her hourly rate is $350.
Just supply a DJ and/or PA SYSTEM or something she can plug into
and she'll turn your event into happiest dance party and live show in the world
GREAT FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT... Everyone has a ball!

The Joy House Halloween Dance Party at Santa Monica Pier

( $550)


These prices for 12 kids or less only.
Joy and her professional "Joy House" photographer, set up a photo shoot at your party. That's right, a real model shoot for the birthday child and all his/her friends. Joy becomes your make-up artist and stylist for this very special occassion and the birthday child will be the STAR! Joy supplies: the photographer, hair & make-up, dress-up, and JOY HOUSE DANCE MUSIC. Kids get as many looks as they want in the allocated time and the best photos will be mailed on CD to The Birthday Child's Parent.
The party would be about 3 - 4 hours.

What the parents and kids have to say........

*..."Miss Joy was worth every penny spent that day. I got emails and text messages about how much fun people had before I went to bed that night" Lisa Morgan, Mom and NBC make up Artist

*..."It was the best Birthday Party I ever had!" Heidi, Red Oak School

*..."Joy, the parents said it was the BEST birthday Party they ever saw, they looved it!" Linda Pearl Mother           

*..."I would like to thank you for such a fun time at my daughters' birthday party. Everyone has told me how good they thought you were and how much their children enjoyed the party. The adults had fun too. My girls both loved watching your video!" Lisa Nesicolaci Mother

*..."I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job you did at her birthday party. The adults had a great time, the kid’s had a great time. It was a birthday a lot of people wont forget. Thank you for your hard work, it was really good. We will be calling you often" Farannah Ghandhari Mother 

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"Teach a child to dream and you help keep a child out of trouble".

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