Dear Director/ Teacher/ Parents
Here is a great idea for a new program at your school
THE JOY HOUSE Assembly and/ or Pre and After School Program. Created by Angelina Joy Emanuele, it is designed for children of ALL ages. Miss Joy, is an Australian who has been awarded many certificates from The City of Los Angeles and organizations from around the world for her work with children and the community. All assemblies and classes at this point in time are performed and taught by JOY, who has been working as a professional dancer, choreographer, singer, songwriter and producer since 1983. She is now devoting all her time, energy, music, artistry, creativity and gift for communicating and teaching others, to children. The kids adore her; she inspires and has an ability to motivate all.

Recently, Miss Joy, was nominated as 2007's National Finalist for "Leader's in Learning" and "Cable in the Classroom" for "Artistic and General Excellence" sponsored by The Library of Congress in Washington DC and Time Warner for her inovative teachings and The Joy House TV Show for kids .The Joy House was also sponsord by LAPD's Hollywood PAL (Police Activities League of Hollywood) for 4 years and THE JOY HOUSE TV Show aired for three years every Saturday Morning on LA Channel 36, The Creative Learning Channel, sponsored by Mayor Riordan.

The program introduces children to dance, music, gymnastics, singing, songwriting and designing….
· Builds positive self-esteem and confidence
· Promotes excercise and fitness
· Teaches discipline, coordination, flexibility, stamina, strength, rhythm & memory
· Teaches dance technique and terminology
· Taps into children's creativity. Teaching kids to sing and songwrite

She has an ability to bring out the artist in EVERYONE, giving children the tools that may spark an interest or the confidence to express themselves their own way. In her classes and shows she only uses original, positive, uplifting JOY HOUSE DANCE MUSIC (that she has written and recorded), subliminally planting only good thoughts. Kid'. teacher's and parent's love the music!
(Many say it is all they listen to. Each song has a choreographed routine that the kids learn and then they practice at home with their JOY HOUSE music and follow along videos that parents can purchase).

"JOY HOUSE" ASSEMBLIES and or LIVE SHOWS are geared more towards THE JOY HOUSE DANCE PARTY and or The Joy House Interactive LIVE show.

Miss Joy ALWAYS promotes FITNESS, EXERCISE and shows children how to STRETCH EVERYDAY She recently just wrote a song "Just Do It!" with a fitness workout and stretch routine EVERYONE can do!
The importance of eating right and diet is very important too. She also wrote a song called "Joy Food, Food that is good for you. Joy Food, Food that is healthy" "JOY FOOD" also has an easy dance routine that the kids pick up…

She also gets the ALL teachers and parents up to dance and the children have to choose the BEST dancer.

She plays some interactive/ singing /dancing games with the kids. This all depends on the ages and size of audience.

She taps into children's creativity…"Use your imagination, create a NEW creation"
Teaching kids to choreograph their own dances, make up their own songs, draw their on fashions, costumes and sets for The Joy House TV Show

By teaching through such a unique, fun and creative way it seems the children really respond to what she has to say about discipline, manners, the importance of listening to parents and teachers and people who love them, what kids should do everyday (Their list of things to do) plus she gives them ideas and ways to keep themselves busy and creative so they don't get bored. This is what The Joy House is basically about. Practice makes perfect!
She has an ability to bring out the artist in EVERYONE, giving children the tools that may spark an interest or the confidence to express themselves their own way. So they can learn to build their own Joy House and find their JOY!
"Do what you love and love what you do" … The secret to inner happiness and joy!

THE JOY HOUSE BIRTHDAY PARTY that has become a big hit for kids parties (for 2 - 12 years). Her unique party concept was featured in JAPAN VOGUE in October 2007 and you most likely have seen her ad in LA Parent and LA Family Magazines. She was featured on KLCS' "In Focus", performed for SEAP (School Education Activities Program) at elementary and high schools to great audience reactions and has written articles for LA Family Magazine & Creative Child Magazine. All ages love JOY! Her energy is contagious! Please see PRESS

THE JOY HOUSE is available for ALL children if not through school programs via the Web as well as The Joy House TV Show for kids. Keep in touch via the web site


Another idea is to have a weekly class that the school/club/PTA can pay directly as to allow all the children to participate weekly $150.00 for a one hour class for unlimited kids, (Miss Joy can teach up to 100 kids at a time) and this rate applies to schools in the Los Angeles area (it includes Joy's driving time to and from the school). Schools outside the LA area for unlimited kids is $250 per class. The kids go crazy!

Another way is that parents can pay directly $10 - $12 per child per class. (Pre paid in full in sessions 8 to 12 weeks) A minimum of 10 students must sign up. It usually takes a few weeks to build but the class is usually very popular). Joy does one free class for the whole school to introduce everyone to THE JOY HOUSE. It's sure to be a hit!
NOTE All children of parents in NEED and are SERIOUS get to do The Joy House for FREE!

Please note the Joy House Birthday / Dance Parties rate is $500 for 2 hours, $450 for 1 1/2 hours and $400 for
a 1 hour party. RECESSION SPECIAL $100 0ff all parties!

A one off INTERACTIVE workshop/ show/ assembly in the school for UNLIMITED children or the ENTIRE school is $600 - $1000. Depending on the size of the school it can be divided into 2 or 3 45 minute shows. Please contact Miss Joy and she can put you in contact with STAR ASSEMBLIES.

NOTE For LIVE shows/ festivals and or corporate events the same party rates apply

Joy has taught or teaches her special program for or at the following schools,
Community Programs and has performed at the following events.







Kabbalah Children's Academy
LAPD Hollywood PAL (Police Activities League)

The Mayors Office
The Mayor.
The City of Santa Monica
LA's Best - Best Faces
Sonora Elementary School
SPEF South Pasedena Education Fund
Sylvester & Jennifer Stallone
John Thomas Dye School
Berkley Hall
Temple Israel of Hollywood

Menlo Elementary
USC Health Fair
Los Angeles Unified School District
GEC Harvest festival
KTLA Kid's Day LA
The Cultural Affairs Department
LA Marathon
The City of Los Angeles
Music Connection
KLCS "In Focus"
Best of LA Festival Parent,
Baby and Child Expo & Kids Fair
LA'S BEST Festival
LA Channel
The Los Angeles Young Chamber of Commerce
Foster Family Picnic
Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Park
Bienvienidos Family Services Latino Health Fair
The Office of Education
The Boys and Girls Club
Aids Walk
Heal the Bay (The Donahue Group)
Best of LA Festivals
Health Fair sponsored by Bienvenidos Family Services Los Angeles County Office of Education
Sherman Oaks Street Fair
Six Flags Magic Mountain
The City of Los Angeles LA Marathon
Unity in the Community
The Los Angeles Young Chamber of Commerce
Foster Family Picnic

Media One AT & T Broadband
Heal the Bay
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Oriental Churtch Mission

Palisades Jewish Early Childhood Center
Rio Vista Elementary
Funtime Pre School
Sunset Montessori

lWest Angeles Church of God and Christ
Fountain Day School
Children's Institute International
LILA'S A Taste of France
St. James School
The Country School
Carpenter School Celebrates at CBS
The Baby, Child and Parent Expo
LA Family Magazine
LA Parent
Pali Camp
Anderson Enrichment
Wonderland School of Dance
Six Flags Magic Mountain
Special Occasions by Jeanie
Creative Child Magazine
Wesley School
SEAP School Entertainment & Activities Program
Marina Del Rey Festival of Lights
Marie Fegan Schools Inc.
ICC Black History Month
All About Kids
The Sherman Oaks St. Fair
Los Felis Jewish Community Center
Nelson Mandela Multi Culteral Center
Castle Oaks Pre School
D & L Carousal
Applied Learning
Redwood Village Pre - School
Beckford Elementary
Mid Wilshire Christian School
The Wesley School
Joyce's Pre School
Rio Vista Elementary
Van Alden Elementary
Malibu Gan Pre School
Pilgrim School
Woodman Montessori Pre-School
ABC Little School, Canyon School,
International Children Center,
Poinsettia Recreation Center
City of Los Angeles Department of Recreation and Parks
Children's Institute International
Santa Monica Beach Club

St Michael's School
Carpenter School
Canyon School
Wagon Wheel School
LILA (Lycee International of Los Angeles)
Red Oak Elementary
3rd St. School
Bay Laurel School

Monterey Hills Elementary

Sylmar Montessori

The Joy House is the coolest place and a favorite class at school for many, each week.
Joy looks forward to teaching your children. Give Joy, Get Joy

For more information please checkout
You can call Joy at (323)969 - 2528 or

Click to see the videos of
After School and Pre School Class Promo

LAPD Hollywood PAL music video

Parents, Directors, Audiences and the Press have only positive
things to say about her work.
Parents have noticed changes in their child’s self esteem,
confidence and attitude through JOY’s classes.
Here is what they say.........

...."She has an ability and gift to bring kid’s a lot of joy and happiness through her song s and dance methods" Sarah Trejos, Children’s Institute international

..."She has been a tremendous asset to my program, earning the affection of my children and the esteem of my parents. I am glad she works here"
Erik Hutchins Director International Children’s Center

..."Dedicated to her Passion’s. The Arts, Education and Entertainment. She will inevitably succeed" Marc Fucile

..."They say that stars fall from the sky. This star still shines bright and I am happy to know her"Ruth Johnson, a mother

.."The Joy House rocks , we saw your show and loved it!" Viewer of THE JOY HOUSE TV Show

.." My son and I saw you live at KTLA KIDS DAY LA you were brilliant. You are a pro, well done. Keep giving that positive energy out. The world needs it!" Don, a father

..."My daughter loves your class!" Lorie Di Stefano, a mother

..."I love your TV Show. I watch it every Saturday" A regular viewer

…"'I think you are stylish and real nice. I want to be in THE JOY HOUSE, how can I join?"A viewer of THE JOY HOUSE TV Show

…"I really like the strong focus on the child's self esteem that you and your show seems to promote. I have a six year old I want to get her involved" Craig Garner, A father who saw THE JOY HOUSE TV Show

…"My daughter says she loves you! None other praise from a 4 year old1 I want to purchase your music and video!!!" Rosalie Roth, a Mother

…"I saw your show on cable and it was excellent. Thanks for the work out, you are great!" John McCormick, Writer/ Pediatric Nurse .

..." Thank you for making my child feel special" Walter Daniels, a father

...." One of the most talented and productive people I have ever met"
Erin Brady,Top 40 Disc Jockey

...." As my daughters dance teacher she has had an amazing effect on her growth and her artistry has become a staple in my daughters’ life. She goes out of her way to help others especially children" Anedra Elsesser, mother

.. She enlightens and entertains audiences with her unique sound and stage performance. She inspires children to reach out and stretch their abilities as she takes them to new heights under her guidance" Robert Miles, a father

… "One of the most exciting classes in the program, I will recommend the Joy of Dance and Music program for enrichment, education and self esteem"
Amy Klasky, 3Rd Street School After School Director.

"Your classes have made a difference in her life already and I am thankful."
Ghya, a mother.

... " Your song "Jump for Joy" was the highlight of the country School Winter Program and provided a big energy boost and inspiration for everyone, thank you for sharing your gift and talents with our children"…Michael Kaplin, Mzausic Director Country School.

" A gifted dancer with high energy, terrific patience and a great rapport with Kids"Florence Sinay, Sinay Ballet.

..."Through her example children acquire the desire and the motivation not only to learn but also to strive for excellence" Aldo Cardone

..."She has a magic with children" James Mares

..."We need more people like her to help with children, our education system and values" Jean Anderson

..."Her middle name "JOY" fits her to a tee because that is what she gives to everyone around her" Shelley Kulik

..."I’ve witnessed, through her work, characters develop in kids too shy to talk. I have seen fears conquered and self belief blossom in kids that could find no self worth. The Joy House is designed to encourage kids to believe in themselves, follow their dreams and love. "Give Joy, Get Joy" is the catch slogan for this incredible concept for kids" Shann Beeman

..."She has devoted her life to making people happy through her expressions in dance, music and art and now lately to teaching children. She is a blessing" John Sterling

.." Joy’s choreography provided an beautiful exit in celebration" PEPPERDINE UNIVERSITY NEWSPAPER

..."Beautiful and multi – talented her performances have awakened the dead" BUZZ WEEKLY (3 Stars)

..."A unique , charismatic and spirited entertainer. She belts out original, high energy, radio friendly pop music. She’ll have you shaking your booty in no time" MUSIC CONNECTION

..."She can dance and she can sing. I see stardom!" ROCK CITY NEWS  

..."Joy to the world......Local chanteuse Angelina Joy Emanuele received a certificate of Appreciation from Mayor Riordan for her participation and performance at KTLA The Kid's day LA event sponsored by The Culteral Affairs, The City of Los Angeles, Target and Mervyns. Emanuele is the front woman behind the Los Angeles based THE JOY HOUSE, a multi-media live performance outlet for young singers and dancers. All the music used in The Joy House shows is written by Emanuele, an Australian expatriate and former model who studied dance in Monte Carlo. Buzz Weekly touted "Her performances have awakened the dead". Rock City News added "I see stardom!" MUSIC CONNECTION

…"Stunning talent" TV GUIDE AUSTRALIA

"I love you Joy!" - "Joy you are my best friend!" - "You show us how to dance" - "The Joy House is COOL!" - "'Joy is nice to me!" - "LA's Best Loves Joy!" - "Joy you make us happy!" - "Joy, sometimes I can't do the splits and I get mad because I can't do it and other kids can, but there is one person who can help me and that's JOY. Now I can do the splits!" - "Joy I love you a lot. I like your house with the hearts. You are the best! Love Andre" - "We love to do to The Joy House. It makes us happy!" - "' Joy I love you a lot you are the only teacher I have had that was nice to me"

Please call Joy at (323) 969-2528 or E.mail joy


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