..."In recognition of your outstanding contribution and wonderful performance at KIDS DAY LA. Your dedication to community service is truly commendable" Richard J. Riordan, THE MAYOR OF LOS ANGELES

..."The lesson you provide for the children who participate in THE JOY HOUSE is invaluable. Building self-esteem by performing at a world class event. I commend your accomplishment" Christina Martinez THE CITY OF LOS ANGELES LA MARATHON

..."The Joy House performance was instrumental in the outcome of the success of the event. Your show included audience participation and involvement. The crowd was pleased and requested more from you" Ada Rodriguez BIENVENIDOS FAMILY SERVICES

..."She has an ability and gift to bring kid’s a lot of joy and happiness through her songs and dance methods" Sarah Trejos CII  CHILDREN’S INSTITUTE INTERNATIONAL


..."Joy Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with our kids at Menlo Scholl. They were so excited and happy. Your program is great. You look as though you are having as much fun as them!" Mr. Chandler, Principal MENLO ELEMENTARY SCHOOL...

..."When you come to teach us it makes us happy" The kids from Menlo School LA’S BEST – BEST FACES

"She has been a tremendous asset to my program, earning the affection of my children and the esteem of my parents. I am glad she works here" Erik Hutchins Director INTERNATIONAL CHILDREN’S CENTER

… "One of the most exciting classes in the program, I will recommend the THE JOY HOUSE program for enrichment, education and self esteem" Amy Klasky 3RD STREET SCHOOL

... " Your song Jump for Joy was the highlight of The Country School Winter Program and provided a big energy boost and inspiration for everyone, thank you for sharing your gift and talents with our children"  Michael Kaplin Music Director THE COUNTRY SCHOOL

..."Joy is a joy. She has volunteered her time and shared her talent with our students"
Marie Doree lambert


..."Thank you for your continued support. The kids look forward to your class and miss you" Keiko Johnson CANYON SCHOOL

...This girl is a "go getter."
She is making it happen"
Marie Fegan

... " The parents talk about you all the
time your famous at home.
The kids love you!" 
Theresa Madday

..."What a fantastic class!"

..."Your class is my favorite class in the whole wide world" Skye Student CARPENTER SCHOOL

..."You give a lot of your time
to the kids and they are getting
a lot out of your classes.
Thank you for coming to our school"Susan Santos Director FUNTIME SCHOOL