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"Miss Joy I am forever grateful and so appreciate your MINISTRY OF LOVE that you have sown toward my grand daughter" Grandma Nana
"Miss Joy why does everybady love you?" A student at Malibu Canyon Montessori
"My daughter talks about The Joy House all the time. The day Miss Joy comes to school is her favorite day of the whole week" A Happy Daddy
"Thank you for making our little girl happy"

"The Joy House Dance Party is the BEST party I have ever had"
"My kids watch and practice with The Joy House DVD's
ALL the time, They love it" Many Moms and Dads
It seems kid's, parents and teacher's LOVE The Joy House.
Classes, parties, LIVE shows, assemblies, music and DVD's are available.
The Joy House is family FUN for everyone! The Joy House rocks! Give Joy,Get Joy!

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Hi Everyone, It's Miss Joy
The Joy House consists of....
The Joy House Dance Party,
many say it is THE BEST party they have ever had or seen suitable for ALL ages!
It's GREAT family entertainment for EVERYONE!
The Joy House Pre & After School Program and/or School Assembly,

Note Miss Joy, Angelina Joy Emanuele, was Time Warner and Washington DC's
US National Finalist for GENERAL EXCELLENCE for her inovative program and vision for kids,
and The Joy House TV Show that aired on LA Channel 36, for
Leader's in Learning "Cable in the classroom"
Miss Joy also writes all the catchy, positive pop, radio friendly Joy House Dance Music
that is used at parties,classes and shows. Songs that kids love to sing along with.
Check out the Joy House Music Videos from The Joy House TV Show and The Joy House DVD's
Many parents have said The Joy House DVD's are THE BEST
interactive DVD's for kids.
They dance along, get fit, sing, have fun and learn lots with Miss Joy. A great babysitting tool.
Kids, parents and teachers' love it!
"Miss Joy my daughter, Niki (6 years), watches The Joy House DVD Volume 1
at least five times a week she practices all the time with you. She loves you.
Thank you for what you do for the kids"
Parisia, A parent from Creative Childen

Soon we will have a brand NEW interactive site because Miss Joy wants the kids to help her produce
The NEW Joy House TV Show...JOYHOUSE.TV is coming ...
So kids get ready to get fit, dance, sing, write, create, design, practice, perform. learn heaps and have FUN!
You are going to help Miss Joy make the best, coolest, FUN interactive show for kids
we will get guests and celebrities to visit The Joy House
and teach you everything and anything you request.
You'll never get bored at The Joy House.. you will have plenty to do....
Miss Joy is going to get you busy and keep you busy!

Song by song, dance by dance, class by class, guest by guest and show by show Miss Joy and
The Joy House is making The Joy House accesible for ALL kids of the world
Remember..... Give Joy, Get Joy! AND......
What do we say kids? "Hit it Mr DJ!"

Email Miss Joy Now; joy@thejoyhouse.com or call (323)969 2528

The Best of The Joy House CD Vol. 1 at
amazon.com, itunes.com or cdbaby.com
(18 original songs from The Joy House TV Show featuring "Halloween Scream")
CD Volume 2, 3 and 4 .......coming soon

Here's a great new idea for the kids or your school.
Book THE JOY HOUSE DANCE PARTY for Birthdays, Halloween, Christmas, Festivals or any Event
So many say it's The BEST Party and School Assembly/Class for kids and families they have ever had or seen!
NOTE For The Joy House Dance Birthday Party the Birthday Child gets a FREE The Best of The Joy House CD Vol. 1 (18 original Joy House Music Songs)

THE JOY HOUSE SCHOOL CLASS/PROGRAM is also available on a one off or weekly basis
A FUN idea to keep the kids busy for your next Summer Camp.
Keep Scrolling......... for info, pics, music and videos

LA's BEST Kids from Menlo Elementary School letters to Miss Joy!
"I love you Miss Joy!"
"Miss Joy you are my best friend!"
"Miss Joy you show us how to dance"
"The Joy House is COOL!"
"'Miss Joy is nice to me!"
"LA's Best Loves Joy!"
"Joy you make us happy!"
"Miss Joy, sometimes I can't do the splits and I get mad because I can't do it and other kids can,
but there is one person who can help me and that's Miss Joy,Now I can do the splits!"
"Miss Joy I love you a lot. I like your house with the hearts.
You are the best!"
"We love The Joy House. It makes us happy!"
"Miss Joy I love you a lot you are the only teacher I have had that was nice to me"
"The Joy House Rocks!"

Miss Joy as Witchy Boo from The Joy House "Halloween Scream' music video

Above are some shots of recent "Joy House Dance Parties"
Book YOURS today.....any theme available. Miss Joy gears it towards ANY age!


Tel; (323)969 2528

Miss Joy and The Joy House Dance Party was featured in VOGUE Japan 2007

ENTER for more information
about Miss Joy and The Joy House

Give Joy, Get Joy
Miss Joy
Email; joy@thejoyhouse.com
Call; (323)969 2528

A little note from Miss Joy from The Joy House
"I would to thank those who have believed and continue to believe in this huge dream called THE JOY HOUSE. Which is basically to help build postive self esteem, good work ethics, discilpline, creativity in kids and teach them how to dream and feel special about themselves via all forms of multi - media and get it out to ALL children of the world.
To do what you love and love what you do is the essence to happiness.
THE JOY HOUSE will be a vehicle to help, teach, motivate, guide and inspire to DREAM.
So hopefully one day kids will bring "the feeling of feeling good about themselves" into their adult lives by staying out of trouble and becoming self sufficient people who contribute something POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE in this messed up world which we live in today...
It is getting worse and the kids are the future and we are their teachers
We artists, parents and teachers are their role models" Miss Joy 1999

It is simple .......... Give Joy, Get Joy!

Tel; (323)969 2528

Check out Miss Joy's song and mantra "FIND YOUR JOY"
What makes YOU happy? Remember to always listen to and "Follow your heart"

("Find your joy"was arranged/produced by David Polich who continues to help Miss Joy with her Joy House Songs
There are MANY more "new" Joy House Songs and DVD's on the way so make sure you come back soon

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