This page is designated to The "joy"of are some of Joy's design's for THE JOY HOUSE TV Show. See What can you come up with kids...... Email your JOY HOUSE design and I'll use it on The TV Show

Hi Kids, check out what my students have been doing in dance class and in my school program. I love to teach the kids to draw their own fashions, costumes and dance poses. Look at their great work! I'm so very proud of them. First I show them how to begin and then they do their own thing, they learn to build their own Joy House Dream Book too. These kid's are the future artists of the world,  maybe you are too?

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How about giving it a try? I'm going to teach you, slowly but surely over the web and via my TV Show for kids. You will learn your basic dance positions and stretches and you will be able to draw like this too, because I know you can. It's really easy. But you have to want to do it! Focus and discipline yourself to begin and finish each design properly, take your time. I want to show off your work too. Who knows you might even be invited on the show to inspire other kids.

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KID DANCE Judy Elkind.JPG (55649 bytes)

Start thinking about some ideas like: a dream dress, costume ideas for your favorite Joy House Dance Song , new set ideas for the next Joy House TV Show, maybe some cool poses and dance movements that you have practiced in front of the mirror at home (don't forget them). I want to see what you come up with.

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E.mail or mail your design and we'll scan it so you too can inspire other kids to draw their dreams. We're going to have so much fun. There will be competitions, games and give aways, so, keep visiting THE JOY HOUSE often and remember... THE JOY HOUSE is YOUR HOUSE!

The "joy" of ballet

"Hey Kid's, Here is your first dance position to learn, practice. Remember to get your heels together and "turn out" from your hips!" 

1 St Position

KID GIVE JOY Tamira.JPG (44496 bytes)