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Fitness and technique classes for teens and adults

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Develop flexibility, strength, stamina, and self confidence as well as that graceful, sexy dancer's line. Developed by ANGELINA JOY EMANUELE these UNIQUE classes provide an excellent conditioning workout for the novice and the experienced dancer. Now you will learn the secrets of poise, balance, flexibility, and muscle conditioning with the same classic barre and center exercises used by dancers worldwide. Using a combination of techniques from the RAD, Cecchetti and Russian ballet methods with a twist of jazz and modern dance, these classes provide expert technique instruction with monitoring and adjustments. Accompanied by a selection of contemporary and classical music. In her class there is NO attitude! It is your time to workout and improve for yourself. A great class for anyone who loves to dance!.

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cityofbeverlyhills.JPG (5626 bytes)..." I have had the pleasure of knowing Angelina Joy Emanuele since September 1998, when I first enrolled in her "Joy of Dance" ballet class. I had tried several other classes in the Los Angeles area before deciding on hers. The structure of the class was traditional, but the variety of the program and her infectious energy and spirit made it completely unique. As a result of her guidance and her enthusiasm, I am on the way to achieving the best physical shape of my life, as well as improving my coordination and confidence. Her class provides a very positive and safe place where I am able to escape the pressures of everyday life, and concentrate on something artistic, fun, and beneficial to my health. In the eleven months that I have been a student in her class, she has moved locations three times, and I have found that all of her students, myself included, will follow her anywhere. Some students travel from up to 2 hours away, after work, to take her class. Given the number of dance classes available in the Los Angeles area, this says quite a lot about Angelina Joy Emanuele is a very special person to me, and I can say without reservation that she is an asset to any community that she is involved with and valuable to everyone she teaches. ". Deanna Tryon

 SKI.JPG (6018 bytes)..."Thank you I had a wonderful time with you. You are so beautiful and rare. Stay who you are forever. Because of you I have come to like dance. I can’t express how grateful I am" . Naomi Mizukami

..."Thank you for teaching me dance and for your kindness. I have come to love dancing. I wish you success and happiness". Kana Ninomya

..."I will be sure to dance in your style of dance. Thank you for everything".  Yoshi Taniquchi

..."You are so beautiful and sexy and such a cute woman. I can’t dance very well but you taught me the same as everyone else and you praised me and it made me feel happy and special. I want to be like you. I have learnt a lot from you". Haroko Miyata

..."Thank you very much I will work hard to dance and be like a woman like you. I loved your dance class and I love the way you dance. I really appreciate your kindness. You will always be the teacher we love".  Akiko Nishimura

..."When I first saw your dance class I said, "NO WAY...it’s too hard!" I didn’t think I could follow you but now I can. It’s really amazing to me. You never intimidated me or got impatient. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love your name and I love your way. You are my inspiration".  Tomoyo Yasada

..."Thank you for teaching me with your kindness. I can’t dance very well but I want to be able to dance like you. I’ll do my best".  Hiromi Asada

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