1...."I would like to thank you for such a fun time at my daughters birthday party. Everyone has told me how good he or she thought you were and how much their children enjoyed the party. The adults had fun too. My girls both loved watching your video too!" Lisa Nesicolaci MOTHER JOY HOUSE BIRTHDAY PARTY.

2...."I just wanted to thank you for a wonderful job you did at her birthday party. The adults had a great time; the kid’s had a great time. It was a birthday a lot of people won’t forget. Thank you for your hard work, it was really good. We will be calling you often" Farannah Ghandhari MOTHER THE JOY HOUSE BIRTHDAY PARTY.

3..."My son and I saw you perform at the KID’S DAY LA and truly enjoyed not only what you do but the spirit and person behind it all.We saw you twice and loved every minute. Your music as well as your obvious dance ability also impressed me. You are incredibly talented and very beautiful. You are an exceptional woman and your energy is so positive and reflects both from you and your students who danced with you" Don FATHER

4..."My daughter loves your class and your songs on THE JOY HOUSE cassette. We listen to it all the time in the car. She says" Daddy louder, louder!" Bill FATHER

5..."They say that stars fall from the sky. This star still shines bright and I am happy to know her"
Ruth Johnson MOTHER

6… "Your classes have made a difference in her life already and I am thankful" Ghya MOTHER...

7..."Thank you for making my child feel special" Walter Daniels FATHER

8..."As my daughters dance teacher she has had an amazing effect on her growth and her artistry has become a staple in my daughters’ life. She goes out of her way to help others especially children" Andrea Elsesser MOTHER

9..."Thank you for inspiring my daughter" Molly MOTHER


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